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pennyroyals replied to your post: that makes sense thanks :) which fem characters do you not like so much? i think my problems with cersei are her bad choices (plus mistreating and/or underestimating everyone else around her) which stem from her believing she is more cunning than she truly is (which all the damn lannisters are good for) but i think that may come from her wanting to be her own person and not just some man’s pawn. sometimes i feel sorry for her and other times i cant sympathize with her choices.

ugh i understand where this person is coming from and they’re free to not like cersei but the ‘bad decisions’ argument always rubs me so the wrong way because WOMEN MUST BE SUPERWOMEN that i sort of cringe whenever i see it.

Especially since oftentimes it goes along with loving Jaime who makes some freaking awful decisions. Or Robb who goes completely wrong because he doesn’t listen to his mom. 

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  1. ellenfanshaw said: i feel a lot of the time people think the best thing for feminism is for lady chars to be infallible but… if that happened i would be really unhappy because i don’t particularly LIKE characters like that of either gender.
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