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scruffyglitterboi replied to your post: Not to mention that, in response to my last post,…

i don’t get the first point. ‘destroy the poison’? the werewolf poison. the isaac poison. and yeah protecting the squishy meat against the werewolf who is in no danger and wants to nom the squishy meat is just logical.

And also the bit about how he’s letting Isaac know that Stiles is over him in the pack. WHAT? Can the OP understand wolf howl or?

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scruffyglitterboi replied to your post: Hi, You seem like the type who goes barefoot a lot. If you don’t mind, could you please submit some dirty sole pics to our pro-barefooters (non foot fetish) blog? it’s called *thedirtysoles tumblr com* and again we are NOT a foot fetish blog, just a blog to inspire barefoot living wellness. Check it out if you like, thank you and peace be with you.

i think i’d be less creeped out if they just admitted their kink.

Pretty much.

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